Despacho Kits for Sale

What is a Despacho? The word 'Despacho' is Spanish for 'dispatch'. A Despacho is a prayer bundle which 'dispatches' or sends the prayers it contains to Spirit. It is created in ceremony and used for healing​​. To make it easier for everyone to create their own Despacho Ceremony practice I am offering four essential types of kits for sale. Each kit contains the ingredients for that specific Despacho and a list of the ingredients and their traditional meanings along with additional information on creating your personal prayer bundle.

Ayni Despacho Kit

Prayer Bundle for Creating Right Relation

This despacho is the foundation of the traditional Peruvian healing practice of the mountain people.The creator of the bundle can add Items to bring specific energies such as Luck, Abundance, Peace or Health into balance.


+$7.50 S/H

Aya Despacho Kit

Prayer Bundle for Honoring a Life

That has Ended

This despacho is traditionally used after a loved one has passed in order to honor and release them to go on to their new existence with Spirit. It can also be used to release an 'old life' and step into a new way of being.​


+$7.50 S/H

Kuti Despacho Kit

Prayer Bundle

for Releasing

Heavy Energies

This despacho is used in extreme situations to release the heavy energies that create havoc in our lives. Because this is heavy energy work it is usually done by women and followed immediately by an Ayni Despacho.



+$7.50 S/H

Sonqo Despacho Kit

Prayer Bundle for Opening the Heart


+$7.50 S/H

This despacho is used for the transmission of the Doña Theresa Rite of the Ñusta Karpay. It is created to open the individual's heart chakra and create connection with the Ñusta and healing of the heart.

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