Transformational Fire Ceremony

The Transformational Fire Ceremony is used to release the things we no longer want or need in our lives and call in those things we wish to manifest for our own best and highest good. Fire creates rapid and intense change and is used by the Shamans of the High Andes as an agent of transformation, healing and survival. Dee Ann offers Fire Ceremony once a month on or around the full moon. By using the energy of the breath, the intent of the heart and the heat of the fire we can transform ourselves and our world. Click Scheduled Events for details on upcoming fire ceremonies. To request more information or to be added to our Fire Circle email reminder list click Contact.

Despacho Ceremony

Despachos are prayer bundles created for the purpose of connecting with the Earth Mother [Pachamama] and coming into Right Relation [Ayni] with the intent of the prayers it contains. Despachos can be created by an individual or a group. They are used to manifest healing, create abundance, shift relationships, bring balance, release issues, detach from things/people/situations, release loved ones at the time of death and much more. Traditionally Dee Ann has offered group despacho ceremonies at least four times a year - Summer/Winter solstices and Spring/Autumn equinoxes. Additional ceremonies may be scheduled throughout the year. To request a private or group despacho ceremony or be added to our email reminder list click Contact.

Cleansing Ceremonies

Various forms of cleansing ceremonies or rituals have existed for millennia. They come from all lands and cultures. Cleansing rituals can be used to remove heavy energy or entities from personal energetic fields, individual chakras, spaces, places, hearth and home. Some of the techniques used by the shamans of Peru include flower cleansing, smudging, stone cleansing, egg cleansing, Florida Water cleansing and the use of feathers, bells, crystals, drums and rattles. Dee Ann has performed many types of cleansing ceremonies either during healing sessions, group ceremonies or by special request. For more information or to request a Cleansing Ceremony click Contact.

Munay Ki Rites

In the world of the Peruvian Shaman there exist rites of passage that are transmitted when a student is ready to receive them. These rites transform the student at a cellular level and give her/him the opportunity to transform and evolve by welcoming and growing the energy of these transmissions. These rites are now available to the people of the West through the Shaman of the West. They are known as the Munay Ki, the Nine Rites of Transformation. Their purpose? To assist us in our transformation into beings of light - Homo Luminous.​ Dee Ann passes on these rites once a month in conjunction with her Transformational Fire Ceremony. For details on upcoming ceremonies click Scheduled Events. To request a Munay Ki ceremony or be added to our email reminder list click Contact.

For more information on the Munay Ki Rites go to www.munay-ki.org   

Death and Dying Work

The shaman is a walker between the worlds. S/he stands on the boundary between matter and energy, life and death. That makes the shaman a perfect guide through the transition of passing from the physical body into the world of spirit. There are ceremonies that can be performed before physical death to ease the journey and there are ceremonies that can be performed after physical death to guide the spirit on its way home. Dee Ann has been trained in the techniques used to facilitate this transition for both the person passing and the loved ones surrounding that person. If you or someone you know is facing this journey and you want more information, please click Contact.