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Ñusta Karpay - The Rites of the Goddesses of Peru

​The word Ñusta means Priestess, Queen or Goddess. The seven Ñusta Kuna are Mama Ocllo, Doña Mujia, Mama Simona, Doña Theresa, Maria Sakapona, Huana Waman Tiklla and Thomasa Waman Tiklla. The Ñusta Karpay are the Peruvian Rites of the Goddess or Sacred Feminine. These rites involve the release of heavy energies and the creation of connection with the Divine Feminine​. Receiving the rites of these seven Goddesses creates a rainbow path of transformation and healing. Those who walk this rainbow path come into intimate relationship with the energies of the Ñusta Kuna as they discover, awaken, heal and balance those energies within themselves. By healing and balancing the Feminine within themselves they contribute to healing and balancing the Feminine energies of the world.​

Typical workshop length - two to three days.

Ñusta Ti'kariy - The Blossoming Rites

The Ñusta Blossoming is about contact, connection and integration. The Blossoming Rites access the 7 layers of the Earth in order to illuminate and create access to the 7 Chakras or Ñawis. Each Ñawi consists of a spiral of energy rotating in a clockwise direction. This spiral or vortex consists of a sequence of energetic levels associated with the vibrational colors of the Ñusta with red at the deepest point and purple at the shallowest point. The illumination of the Ñawis by the Earth energies creates an intimate relationship with the Pachamama [Earth Mother] which is intensified by the meditations which follow. ​By deepening our relationship with the Earth we become better stewards of our bodies, our spirits and the planet as a whole.

Typical workshop length - one day.


Communicating with the Nature Spirits

​There are many ways to connect with the spirits of the earth and skies in the Peruvian tradition. Information regarding the Muki Kuna, the Anchanchu Kuna, the Auki Kuna and the Tira Kuna of this tradition was shared by Don Mariano Quispe Flores in Olympia WA in July of 2011. The teachings of this incredible Paqo (shaman) of the High Andes is passed on with his blessings in love and joy. Communication creates the deep connections to the spirits of nature that help define our nature and place in the universe as understood by the people of the Andes. This workshop teaches how to communicate and receive vital information from the spirits of the physical body, the mountaintops, the waters and ley lines of the earth, the energetic body and the energies of the stars.

Typical workshop length - two days.

​Despacho Creation - A Peruvian Prayer Bundle Workshop

What is a despacho? It is the primary medicine tool used by the indigenous shamans of Peru. It can be used for personal healing, healing of a group, the collective, the world. Physically it is a prayer bundle created by one or more people for the purpose of connecting with the Earth Mother [Pachamama] and coming into Right Relation [Ayni] with the energies of the intent with which it was created. Once created, despachos are burned to manifest the intent of the despacho creators' prayers. There are hundreds of types of despachos all created with different ingredients and specific intent. One or more types of despachos are taught and created during each workshop.

Typical workshop length  - one to two days.

Living and Dying Consciously

The life journey of a shaman is all about to learning how to to get out of this life alive. This means that a medicine person is dedicated to understanding all the processes and transitions associated with living and dying in this physical form. Living and Dying Consciously is based on the great Death Rites practiced by the shamanic traditions, the ancient teachings that held the secrets of conscious death. These rites allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed throughout the death process. They provide specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying.This workshop is designed for all persons involved in the dying process: the individual, family members and friends. It offers a message of hope with easy to follow steps and shows that it is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process. The workshop teaches you how to assist yourself and others involved in the life, death and dying processes (as we all are) to take this journey with peace, grace, dignity and perhaps a smile or two along the way.

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Typical workshop length - two days.

What is a 'Rite'?

A Rite is the transmission of a specific type of energy from person to person. It is usually said to be 'given' or 'gifted' from one to another. Rites are passed using the concept of Saminchay: the radiation of energy, blessings and light energy to activate and create contact between the physical body and the energetic tools.

The Ñusta Mesa

In July 2010 Don Mariano, Don Alejandro, Don Claudio and Doña Maria, revered medicine people from Q'eros, Peru,  travelled to the sacred sites of the Ñusta, did ceremony and collected stones from these sites. They each created a Ñusta mesa or medicine bundle with the stones they collected. A special cloth of rainbow colors was envisioned and woven for these mesas. During the process of receiving the Ñusta Karpay each individual creates her/his own Ñusta mesa. These Ñusta mesas are used to integrate the Ñusta Karpay and pass the rites of the Ñusta Blossoming as they become personal medicine tools for the individuals who created them.​